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iQ400 – Tabletop Strapping Machine

iQ400 – Semi Automatic Strapping Machine for office use


iQ400 - Best Tabletop Strapping Machine

iQ400 semi-automatic strapping machine with dual tension mode. This allows for a wide variety of applications with just a flick of a switch. The iQ-400 is a durable and heavy-duty strapping semi-automatic machine designed to withstand various harsh environments. It is amazingly quiet to operate and well suited for office use as well.

Recommended for Through puts of 10-15 packages per hour


  • The iQ-400 is a durable and heavy-duty strapping machine designed to withstand various harsh environments.
  • The iQ-400 is yet amazingly quiet to operate and well suited for office use also.
  • The iQ-400 has less moving parts, which makes it easy to maintain and keeps the operation cost low.
  • All electric parts are arranged in one side of the machine, enclosed in the cabinet, for easy maintenance and protection of crucial parts.
  •  The iQ-400 runs strap from 5 millimeters to 15.5 millimeters (5/8 inches) without additional parts.
  • The torque tension mode is suitable for stronger tension or to strap compressible packages, while the stroke tension mode is best for soft tension or quick operation.
  • Tool-free access to frequently accessed areas for easy maintenance.
  • Optional adjustable legs are available upon request. With this option, table height can be adjusted to 750, 800, 850 or 900mm.

Tabletop Strapping Machine - Top Answered Questions

The main difference between an arch style strapping machines and a tabletop strapping machines is the way they are designed and function.

An arch strapping machine is a more complex piece of equipment that is used to strap packages, boxes, and other items. It has an arch that allows the strapping material to be fed in the Arch around the item to be Strapped. Arch strapping machines are generally used in industrial settings and are designed for higher volume strapping applications.

Tabletop strapping machines are smaller and more compact machines that are typically used for lower volume strapping applications. Tabletop strapping machines are typically 110V and come with casters for mobility and use around the entire facility. Strapping is manually fed around the items to be strapped then inserted back into the machine to complete the tensioning, sealing, and cutting operations. Typically used in small businesses and lower-volume production environments.

The Strapack iQ-400 tabletop strapping machine is compatible with polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps. These straps come in various widths and thicknesses to accommodate different packaging needs. The machine is designed to handle straps with a width of 5mm to 15.5mm.

Yes, the Strapack iQ-400 tabletop strapping machine is designed for easy maintenance. It features a self-diagnostic system that alerts the operator in case of any issues or errors. Routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and replacing worn-out parts, can be performed without extensive technical knowledge.

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Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 780 × 775 × 540 mm