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JK5000- Semi Automatic Strapping machine


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JK5000: The Semi-Automatic Strapping Solution You Need

Tired of slow packaging? 

The JK5000 semi-automatic strapping machine tackles that problem head-on. It flies through boxes at an impressive 37 packages per minute, beating out the competition by a whopping 32%. That’s more productivity for your warehouse and less time wasted on manual strapping.

Cost is a concern, we get it. 

The JK5000 is designed to be affordable for businesses with moderate strapping needs. You won’t have to shell out a fortune to get a high-quality, feature-packed machine. This translates to a faster return on investment (ROI) – you’ll be saving money on labor costs in no time.

NO fumbling with straps? 

The JK5000’s automatic re-feed tackles errors quickly, keeping your packaging lines moving smoothly. No more frustrating delays and wasted straps.

Want to conserve energy?

This semi-automatic bander has a clever auto shut-off, saving energy without compromising on fast restarts. Your energy bills (and your environmental footprint) will thank you.

Versatile strapper

The JK5000 works seamlessly with a variety of polypropylene strap widths (5mm to 12mm). Adjust it on the fly for different box sizes and applications – no extra parts required.


Fromm Packaging Systems Canada has been your packaging industry expert for over 75 years. We provide top-class strapping equipment and tools across Canada, including automatic banders, semi-automatic arch strappers of various sizes, tabletop strapping machines for space-conscious, quiet office environments, and automated packaging systems for end-to-end packaging operations. Let us streamline your processes.

Weight 255 lbs
Dimensions 600 × 921 × 1336 mm