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JK5000- Automatic Strapping machine


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■ Fast!
At the rate of up to 37 straps/minute the JK5000 is 32 % faster than a comparable StraPack JK-5.

■ Economical
The JK5000 is priced so that customers with moderate strapping needs can afford a full featured quality arch machine.

■ Automatic Refeed
If a feed error occurs the refeed function automatically feeds the strap again and if successful initiates another cycle to automatically complete the strap.

■ Energy Saving
To conserve energy and reduce wear, the JK-5000 automatically shuts off the motor while maintaining proper heater temperature when it has not been cycled for 30 seconds. Depressing the Start Button re-starts the motor and applies the strap.

■ Easy strap width conversion
The JK-5000 can be set up to run 5mm (1/4”) to 12mm (1/2″) polypropylene strap without the need for any additional parts should your strapping needs change


Weight 255 lbs
Dimensions 600 × 921 × 1336 mm
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