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Pneumatic sealer

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Strapping qualities: Uniflex and Ultraflex max. 1100 N/mm2 / 160?000 psi
Strapping dimensions: widths
19.0 ? 32.0 mm / 3/4 ? 1 1/4?
0.63 ? 1.00 mm / .025 – .040?
Weight: 4.2 kg / 9.3 lbs
Average seal strength: Approx. 75 %
Seals: Overlap seals
Type of joint: Double notch upcut joint
Tensioning: With separate tensioner model A452
Two different working versions: Version N = Handle 90? to the strap (normal)
Version P = Handle parallel to the strap Advantages
The pneumatic sealer can be used easily with one hand only
The safe upcut double notch joint is accomplished in one strike
The seal safety mechanism prevents poor seal joints as a result of faulty operation
of the tool by the user
The tool can be supplied with the handle in a 90? angle to the strap (N-version) or
with the handle parallel to the strap (P-version), the user may select the right tool for
his application

Weight 9.3 lbs