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P329 KIT


Plastic Strapping Tool for HD Applications

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P329 Battery Powered, Plastic Strapping Tool KIT for HD Applications

Strap Widths from 16 (⅝”) up to 19 mm (¾“)
and a Tension Force up to 4.000 N/900 lbs.

Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool for HD applications

Our range of battery powered strapping equipment provides the right tool and strapping for every application. Plastic strapping is available in widths from 9 mm to 32 mm. The new battery strapping tools P328, P329 and P331 are available in two different versions: with one button or two buttons. Tools with one button are designed for automatic use. The new tool models are also equipped with brushless motors. This ensures a longer lifespan of the tools and reduced maintenance costs. The Battery powered P329 Strapping Tool Kit comes with 2 batteries and a standard battery charger.

Advantages of P329 Battery Strapping Tool :

  • High tension force up to 4000N / 900 lbs
  • Tension force and sealing time adjustable with simple knobs
  • Tool in both semi-automatic and automatic (single button) version available for efficient operation
  • Brushless motor for less maintenance and improved life time
  • Improved plates and guides – less effort to remove the tool from the strap
  • No tension rocker – easier to remove tool from small package surfaces
  • Motor temperature monitoring to protect motor from overheating
  • Cycle counter included (special reader required)
  • Battery well protected
  • Battery charge indicator included
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Tool is fully covered for finger protection
  • Optional motor cooling fan available to reduce overheating risk


Strapping qualities Polyester (PET) and Polypropylene (PP) plain and embossed
Strapping dimensions 16.0 – 19.0 mm / ⅝ – ¾“
thicknesses 0.65 – 1.35 mm / .026 – .053“
Weight 4.3 kg / 9.6 lbs (including 4.0 Ah battery)
Tool size L351 x W134 x H143 mm / 13.8 x 5.3 x 5.6“
Type of seal Sealless, friction weld sealing
Average seal strength approx. 75% (depending on strap quality)
Tension force 500 – 4.000 N / 112 – 900 lbs (adjustable in steps of 5%)
Tension speed 49 –  79 mm/s / 1.6 – 3.1 inch/s
Power Supply Battery 18 VDC / 4.0 Ah or 9.0 Ah Li-Ion

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Download P329 Datasheet

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Weight 9.6 lbs
Dimensions 351 × 134 × 143 mm