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How to pack with polypropylene strapping

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  • Strapping made of polypropylene is versatile and affordable.
  • Ideal for light to medium-duty packages and loads in factories and warehouses.
  • Due to its lighter weight than steel, polypropylene straps aremore easy, secure, and affordable to use.
  • Available in 1/2″ ,5/8″ ,3/4″ strap widths.


  • When strapping a load, start by encircling the package with both strapping ends.
  • The strapping should be layered with the end close to your body just on bottom.
  • Next, press the base handle and tension lever together.
  • Allow 5″ of strapping at the front of the tool then insert the bottom strap under the gripper plate cutter wheel.
  • Feed the upper strap through the cutter wheel after releasing the base and tension lever and through the windlass slot, tighten the strapping as much as you can.
  • Continue tensioning the strapping to the desired level by moving the tension lever back and forth.


  • Place the open seals over both strapping ends, positioning the seal with the open side down.
  • Close the sealer’s nose around the seal and crimp the strapping tightly .
  • To cut the strapping, press the tension lever and base handle together, then slide the tensioning tool to the

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