FROMM Packaging Systems Canada


Fromm Packaging Systems Canada

FROMM is a market-leading manufacturer of automated packaging solutions, wrapping machines, strapping machines, strapping tool, the patented Airpad pillow system, as well as all necessary consumables. We design, develop, and produce a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport. Highly qualified teams of specialists manufacture our products to the highest quality on computer-controlled machines. All tools & equipment are tested before leaving the factory.

FROMM Strapping tool is designed to streamline your industrial strapping processes. The increased speed, tension capabilities, and reliability makes these manual and powered tools afford you help reduce the time spent on operations, wasted materials, and worker fatigue.FROMM produces a wide model variety of Plastic and Steel strapping tools. The right tool for every application makes the difference!

Plastic Strapping Tools are manual and powered strapping tools to assist with tensioning, sealing, and cutting polypropylene or polyester strap, making them excellent for bundling, packaging, and palletizing applications with small- to moderate-scale production requirements.The steel strapping tool range is divided in manual and pneumatical tools. FROMM Tools are highly durable and competitively priced.


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